HealthStart Africa is a health tech firm that is specialized in leveraging technology, data, and foresight to identify and create viable and innovative healthcare solutions to both obvious and hidden challenges that sabotage or limit access, quality, efficiency and growth within the healthcare sector. Through the deployment of our expertise, experience, and innovative solutions, we have continued to facilitate more efficient service deliveries for healthcare providers and greater access for healthcare service receivers.


To develop and deploy innovative solutions
that will create and deliver significant value.

Our biggest aspiration is to consistently and significantly contribute to the overall advancement of Africa’s healthcare industry. To achieve this, we engage diverse stakeholders of the healthcare industry, on a consistent basis, to better understand their challenges; we extensively invest in research and development to generate valuable initiatives; and have continued to unreservedly deploy our intellectual and professional resources to ensure the creation and delivery of noteworthy technologies and robust solutions that will make this happen.


To become Africa’s foremost tech company by
providing valuable solutions to the existing
and emerging challenges in the healthcare sector.


Through our platform, over 1,000,000 patients have enjoyed unsurpassed access to health insurance on existing Provider’s Network

We are among the top 3 health-tech companies in Nigeira

We have the highest number of platform integrations with HMO’s in Nigeria

Over 60 million USD of transactions annually

Why Choose Us

We have proven records of championing game-changing solutions and initiatives that drives efficiency and growth.