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health insurance for all

Our mission is to provide health insurance for everyone. Under 10% of the population in Nigeria are currently insured. 90% are left to pay out of pocket. Our 3-step processes makes it possible to obtain health insurance cover for the an entire year!

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"Out of pocket expenses are capable of wiping out the life savings of loved ones when a family member is hit with an illness. Health insurance helps cover most if not all of the cost of your health care needs"
obinna o.

How it works

Register on the healthstart platform by providing your personal details and indicate if you wish to be a sponsor or beneficiary…

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for sponsors

Select one or more beneficiaries to provide health insurance for. These could be beneficiaries you have registered, members in the pool or yourself

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become insured within 48 hrs

We take away the hassle of dealing directly with a health insurance company (HMO) and simplify the language of health insurance for you. Once registered and sponsorship provided, we work with one of our partner HMO’s to activate your policy. In 48 hrs, you get a policy number, policy statement, benefits summary and list of hospitals (or healthcare providers) you can now access.

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why choose healthstart?

Portable Data

Once registered, you need not repeat the process at each policy renewal. Need to switch HMO's upon policy expiration? We make that as easy as ABC.

Best Deals

HMO's need the numbers to provide affordable health insurance packages. We provide them with enough numbers to negotiate the best deals for you.

Social Investment

healthstart is a social investment vehicle. Supporting the platform through sponsorship achieves the vision of providing a beneficial platform for millions.

Simplified Process

A lot of complexities may hamper the relationship between insurer and beneficiary. We simplify this process by being an intermediary.

Seamless Technology

We leverage our technology to make the process of on-boarding as seamless as possible. Tools such as mobile applications and periodic statements keeps you in the loop.

Easy to use interface

You never have to feel like you need to be a rocket scientist to navigate the vast array of options and selections to get started with a health insurance plan.

healthstart africa
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