HyLeague Family Plan


Plan Benefit HyLeague Family Plan
Region of Cover Local
Hospital Category B-D + Lagoon Hospitals
Inpatient Limit (₦) 6,500,000.00
Accidents & Emergencies: Resuscitative or lifesaving initial treatment √ (Up to Inpatient Limit)
Accommodation (including feeding) Private Ward (30 Days/Annum)
Accommodation for Mothers Whose Dependents are on admission (excluding feeding) (Limited to SCBU/NICU Cases only) Semi-Private Ward 48 Hrs
Intensive Care Services 10 Days
Neonatal Care Services (Treatment of mild or moderate neonatal sepsis, Phototherapy, Incubator Care and Special Care Baby Unit)* ₦1,000,000
Psychiatric Hospitalization Up to Accommodation Limit
Surgeries including day case procedures , minor, intermediate and major surgeries ,Caesarean Section Including Endoscopic Procedures (Therapeutic and Diagnostic) ₦2,000,000
Outpatient Limit(₦) 3,500,000.00
Advanced & Complex Investigations(limited To CT, Scan, MRI Scan and echocardiograph) √ (Up to Outpatient Limit)
Ambulance Home to Hospital, Roadside to Hospital &Hospital to Hospital
Antenatal Care + Normal Delivery+ Postnatal Care (6 Weeks) ₦1,000,000
Cancer Care: Oncology Tests, Drugs + Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy ₦2,000,000
General Consultations (Initial and Follow-up) √ (Up to Outpatient Limit)
Specialist Consultations (Initial and Follow-up) √ (Up to Outpatient Limit)
Telemedicine Covered
Dental Care (relief of pain, fillings, nonsurgical, extractions, preventive care, scaling and polishing, Dental Surgical Extraction & Root Canal Therapy, Dental Prosthetics) ₦100,000
Family Planning Services IUCD (Intrauterine Contraceptive Device e.g.
Copper T, Injectibles, Mirena Coil, Pills,
Global Refundable Limit for Cancer Care** Subject to overall Cancer Care Limit
Global Refundable Limit for Surgery** Subject to overall Surgical Limit
Global Refundable Limit for Maternity** ₦350,000
NPI Immunizations for 0- 5 years BCG, Measles, DPT, Oral polio, VitaminA supplementation, Pentavalent vaccine
Additional Immunizations for 0-5 years Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hib, Chicken Pox, MMR, Pneumococcal, Rotavirus, Meningitis, Yellow Fever, Typhoid Fever
Additional Immunizations for 6yrs and above Meningitis, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis B
Health Checks*** Basic (Physical, BP, Urinalysis), Genotype, Blood Sugar, Blood Group, PCV, Serum,
cholesterol Chest X-Ray, Lung Function Test, ECG and Pap Smear, Prostate Specific Antigen and Mammography
HIV/AIDS Care & Treatment ₦1,000,000
Infertility Investigation Fertility Consultations, Counselling, USS,
SFA, HSG, Hormone Profile, Laparoscopy
Inter-State Referral Services for services not available in State √ (Up to Outpatient Limit)
Interstate travel by commercial airline, (economy category)
Medical enquiries
Second opinion
Hospital Accommodation(where medically necessary)
Prescribed medicines and laboratory tests
Kidney Dialysis ₦300,000
Laboratory tests (WHO list of essential in-vitro diagnostics) √ (Up to Outpatient Limit)
Mortuary Services (Cleaning, Embalmment, Storage, Autopsy) ₦250,000
Neonatal Care Services (Male circumcision, Ear piercing) √ (Up to Outpatient Limit)
Optical Care: Lenses, Frames & Contact, Lenses(Once in two years) ₦40,000
Optical care: Eye testing, Treatment of acute and chronic eye diseases. ₦120,000
Physiotherapy ₦180,000
Psychiatric Treatment Inpatient/Outpatient
Wellness Benefit(Gym/Spa)**** Up to Refundable Wellness Limit of
X-Rays and Basic Diagnostic Tests √ (Up to Outpatient Limit)
Pharmacy Benefit Limit(₦) Up to Outpatient Limit
Chronic Disease Medication
Inpatient Prescription Medicines
Outpatient Prescription Medicines
Other Benefits
Critical Illness + Death Cover***** ₦1,000,000




This plan is provided by Hygeia HMO

The age limit on the Plans is 60 years. The Premium computed is payable once annually based on the population. This quote is valid for 90 days from the date of submission. Benefit can only be drawn from the limit of a nursing mother for a live birth. Health checks can only be done in any of our designated hospitals/diagnostic centers. Family premium quoted is for a family of 6 (Principal, Spouse and 4 Children less than 25 years old).

Enrollee is covered for a payment up to the stated limit in the event of critical illness (as a result of cancer,
kidney failure, heart attack or stroke) or Death (Natural or Accidental). The actual amount paid is based on the
event while eligibility is subject to compliance with the rules of the plan.


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