HyStarter Premium Plan


Plan Benefits HyStarter Premium Plan
Region of Cover Domestic
Hospital Category B-D
Inpatient Limit (₦) 500,000
Accidents & Emergencies: Resuscitative or lifesaving initial treatment √ (Up to Inpatient Limit)
Accommodation (including feeding) Semi-Private Ward (20 Days/Annum)
Day case procedures & minor surgeries ₦ 250 000 Limit
Intermediate surgeries ₦ 250 000 Limit
Major Surgeries
Outpatient Limit (₦) 200,000
Ambulance* Hospital to Hospital Only
Basic Laboratory services based on the clinician’s judgement (WHO list of essential invitro diagnostics) √ (Up to Outpatient Limit)
Basic X-Rays and Ultrasounds √ (Up to Outpatient Limit)
Telemedicine Consultations Unlimited
General Consultations (Initial and Follow-up) √ (Up to Outpatient Limit)
Specialist Consultations (Initial and Follow-up) √ (Up to Outpatient Limit)
Ear, Nose and Throat care √ (Treatment of Acute
Diseases Only ₦15,000 Limit)
Dental Care Relief of pain, fillings, Nonsurgical extractions, preventive care, scaling and polishing, Dental
Surgical Extraction (₦30,000 per annum)
NPI Immunizations for 0-5 years NPI including pentavalent vaccine (diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough)
Additional Immunizations for 0-5 years Hepatitis B, HIB, Chicken Pox, MMR, Pneumococcal, Rotavirus, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A, Typhoid Fever
Mortuary Services (Cleaning, Embalment, Storage, Autopsy) ₦50,000 limit
Optical Care: Lenses, Frames & Contact Lenses (Once in two years) ₦15,000
Optical care: Eye testing, Treatment of acute and chronic eye diseases. √ (Treatment of Acute Eye Diseases Only/₦30,000
Physiotherapy ₦30,000 Limit
Psychiatric Treatment Outpatient Only (3 months Limit)
Pharmacy Benefit Limit (₦) 100,000
Chronic Disease Medication √ (Up to Pharmacy Benefit Limit)
Inpatient Non-Chronic Prescription Medicines √ (Up to Pharmacy Benefit Limit)
Outpatient Non-Chronic Prescription Medicines √ (Up to Pharmacy Benefit Limit)
Other Benefits (₦) (Up to Outpatient Limit)
Critical Illness + Death Cover* ₦250,000



This plan is provided by Hygeia HMO

This plan is eligible to Only persons between the ages of 0-60 years.  There is a waiting period of 2 weeks after registration. Plans purchased becomes active 2 weeks after purchase date.

All benefits are subject to their respective sectional limits which is described as: Inpatient Limit, Outpatient Limit and Pharmacy Benefit Limit. However, within the respective sectional limit, there are specific benefit limits as well. Consequently, in the event that any specific benefit limit under the sectional limit is exhausted, the remaining limit in that section will only cover other benefits within the section apart from the one that the specific benefit limit has been exhausted.


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